Thursday, November 28, 2013

Extension Chord Records 2013

A happy holiday season to all.
Announcing a year-end special to celebrate the beginning of The Union Electric's new Extension Chord Record label.

The link above will go to our friend Beth Bombara's website where you can order the special discount package of all of the label's 2013 releases.

Extension Chord Records was founded earlier this year by Tim Rakel and Melinda Cooper of The Union Electric. More releases are in the works for next year.

The first two releases this year came out on Record Store Day in April.
The first was a split 7" record between Beth Bombara and Melinda's band Town Cars.
The second was another 7" by The Chainsaw Gentlemen, a band composed of Tim and two members of Rusty Nail, Chad Ross and Alvan Caby.
The third release by The Defeated County hit during the summer. This band is fronted by Langen Neubacher and also includes The Union Electric's guitar player Glenn Burleigh.
The fourth and fifth records from Extension Chord were released in October.
A 7" vinyl EP by The Union Electric in tribute to Samuel Beckett collects four pieces and features guest appearances from The Defeated County's Irene Allen-Sullivan and Grace Basement's Kevin Buckley.
The final release for the year comes from our friends Pretty Little Empire, one of the most talented bands on the Saint Louis scene over the last few years. Their third CD is a self-titled collection that builds on their previous efforts.

All five of these records (two CDs and three 45s) are available as a package for $30 until the end of the year. Shipping is included.

Upcoming schedule:
Town Cars with Nina Diaz of Girl in a Coma at The Heavy Anchor - 9pm - Thursday, December 5 

The Defeated County with Jump Starts at The Heavy Anchor - 9pm - Friday, December 6

The Chainsaw Gentlemen at Urban Chestnut Brewery - 8pm - Saturday, December 7

The Union Electric with Ransom Note and Tok at the Schlafly Tap Room - 8pm - Thursday, December 26

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