Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Reviews Are In ...

The Union Electric is made up of well-known St. Louis musician Tim Rakel, Glenn Burleigh, and Eric Stockman. While the Union Electric has only been performing for a short time, their music has generated a strong reaction, but not from music critics. Strangely, while their pairing of pro-worker lyrics and country/folk influenced song writing has yet to gain them musical acclaim, it has ignited a firestorm on America’s political right.

Some excerpts follow:

“After years of warning my collegues, it is my hope that the emergence of yet another left-wing country band, The Union Electric, will finally convince my fellow members of congress that it is necessary to pass my bill, H.R. 9875, more commonly known as the “Screw Jay Farrar and Steve Earle Act of 2009”.”

-Republican House Whip, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia

“The fact that The Union Electric, made up of documented anti-freedom activists Tim “May Day” Rakel, Glenn “All Power to the Soviets” Burleigh, and Eric “Von Damage” Stockman, are allowed to perform in pubic, is reason enough for Texas to secede from the Union.”

-Texas Governor Rick Perry


-RNC Chair Michael Steel

“The longer The Union Electric is allowed to perform, the more states will legalize gay marriage. It’s that simple. Both are abominations, affronts to God, and both must be stopped.”

-Pat Robertson

“It is well known that members of The Union Electric own copies of both the Communist Manifesto and the Qu’ran. The fact that these “musicians” are allowed to pollute the hearts and minds of American citizens stands as proof that the way of life that our fighting men and women have died for is in danger of extinction.”

-Fox News’ Glenn Beck

“There are two primary threats to western civilization. One is the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow workers to freely choose to join a union, free of employer intimidation and firings. The other is The Union Electric.”

-US Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue

“When I hear bands like The Union Electric, I have no doubt as to why we are losing the War on Drugs.”

-Former First Lady Nancy Reagan

Monday, April 13, 2009

Record Store Day

originally posted 4/13 and updated 4/23

Hey everyone -
The May Day Orchestra 12" record was made available for Record Store Day this past Saturday, April 18.
Record Store is a fictional holiday created to help save the dying independent record stores throughout the country.
My friend Robert Sarazin Blake and I played at Vintage Vinyl on the sidewalk in front of the store. Sanctioned busking in University City. They even had a PA and a sound man. Thanks to everyone who stopped and listened.
A-Pop and Euclid Records also had live bands that day. I caught part of the A-Pop sets, which were very cool.
Anyway, the May Day record is out at those three record stores as well as Black Bear Bakery. It will also be available at two gigs next week. The May Day Orchestra returns to Black Bear Bakery on May 1 and will play at City Art Supply the following evening as well.
Firecracker Press made some special posters that will be sold with the record while supplies last.

Sarazin Blake says it best, don't buy our record because we need the money, buy our record because it's a good one.

thanks for your support

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Union Electric

A new band called The Union Electric debuts next Saturday, April 18, at Off Broadway in Saint Louis. My friend Eamon Toney from the band Bridgeton Air Defense came up with the name, which we used for one short set when his band backed me up.
The Union Electric features Glenn Burleigh, former bass player of The Adversary Workers, and Eric Von Damage, former drummer of The Adversary Workers and Corbeta Corbata as well as Bunnygrunt's current drummer. Our first bunch of songs include re-arranged material from Bad Folk and The May Day Orchestra as well as some new songs.
We will share the stage with our friend Robert Sarazin Blake, from Bellingham, Washington. Look his records up through his labels Same Room Records and Art Of The Underground.