Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Return of Robert Blake, Robert Sarazin Blake that is

For several years now, Robert Sarazin Blake travels from the northwestern-most corner of the most northwestern state to visit us here in Missouri.

The first show was a chance encounter in a basement. The Seven Shot Screamers and Bad Folk were both asked to play. Members of both bands, but neither band in its complete form, showed up to play acoustic sets. Despite the person who booked the show not being there nor the people who lived in the house above, those that were there in the basement were treated to a nice evening of music.

The following year, Bad Folk, once again without its complete line-up, joined The Adversary Workers in another basement for a show with Robert Blake.

Out of the underground, Blake has staged shows on actual stages in the intervening years. One of my current projects, The Union Electric, played its first show at Off Broadway with Robert Blake and his drummer Jordan Rain in 2009.

Now, seven years after that first basement show, former Bad Folk Tim Rakel, former Seven Shot Screamer Chris Powers, and former Adversary Worker Glenn Burleigh will reconvene with Robert Blake during a series of shows around the area.

Here are the details:
Wednesday, February 22 - RSB at the Urban Chestnut Brewery

Wednesday, February 29 - RSB, Irene Allen, The Union Electric and The Red Headed Strangers at El Lenador. Spend your extra leap year hours drinking Stag beer, won't you...

Thursday, March 1 - The David Mafield Parade, Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost and Robert Sarazin Blake at The Heavy Anchor

Saturday, March 3 - Robert Sarazin Blake and The Griddle Kids (featuring Chris Powers) at Mangia Italiano

Blake / Union Electric tour:
Thursday, March 8 - Springfield, MO with Angry Panda
Friday, March 9 - Columbia, MO
Saturday, March 10 - Kirksville, MO