Monday, April 8, 2013

The May Day Orchestra - new songs (and all the old ones too)

All the recordings from The May Day Orchestra are now on-line for listening, download and purchase of physical records. Visit the site above.

'May Day, or Songs for Lucy Parsons' is the 2009 debut, acoustic arrangements featuring members of The Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra to tell the story of the Haymarket affair in 1880s Chicago and the anarchist involvement in the labor movement.

'Ota Benga' tells the tale of the pygmy brought to the Saint Louis World's Fair in 1904. A slightly different line-up presents a folk-rock opera to tell the sad tale. The story of Roger Casement is interwoven into the narrative. This one was recorded in 2010 and is available on CD and LP.

Finally, two new tracks previewing the work in progress: 'Wake'. One strand of the story concerns a little-known 17th century pirate called Yusuf bin Hasan, former sultan of Mombasa. Modern-day Kenyan history plays into the story as well. The band that brought you 'Ota Benga' returns.

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