Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Chainsaw Gentlemen - project 1 of 3

The Chainsaw Gentlemen, a project started with Chad Ross and Alvy Caby of Rusty Nail, began playing occasional gigs at the Urban Chestnut Brewery in 2011.
This past January we met up learned a new song by Alvy and a new one of mine and set to recording them. Alvy and Chad added mandolin and accordion to my track while I threw in a guitar track with a lot of reverb on theirs.
Side A is called "Rag and Bone Man", the first of a series of songs about a junk collector that Alvy has in the works. My song on Side B is called "A Sort of Buccaneer", one part of a larger work in progress called "Wake" which involves one storyline about a particular Indian Ocean pirate of the 17th century.
The Union Electric's new spin-off label, Extension Chord Records*, will release this first Chainsaw Gentlemen single on Record Store Day 2013. This limited pressing will be on splattered color vinyl. We will also have a batch of t-shirts for the occasion. The group will play at Urban Chestnut on April 13 and again May 3.

*note: Extension Chord Records will also be releasing another single for Record Store Day, a split single by Town Cars and Beth Bombara will be the first of the label's catalog.

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