Saturday, March 16, 2013

The May Day Orchestra - project 2 of 3

The May Day Orchestra, active since a show at Black Bear Bakery in early 2008, has released two full-length albums, "May Day" in 2009 and "Ota Benga in 2010.

The third project was readily conceived but slow to be executed. Two songs, however, will be released as a 7" for Record Store Day to preview our new record still in progress. The band, featuring members of Tenement Ruth who also played on the "Ota Benga" record, will play the new single as well as some other new songs at Off Broadway on the evening of April 20. This single works in the same storyline as The Chainsaw Gentlemen track mentioned in an earlier post. A few songs about a 17th century Muslim pirate will comprise on part of the next record. More recent Kenyan history fills out the rest of the work. More later.

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